Kristen and Travis Engagements #2 | Utah Wedding Photographers

We did a reshoot of these two because it was raining at their first session.  This time they chose Wheeler Farm and it is honestly one of my favorite places to shoot!  It is easy to get to, always open and the landscape there looks great year round.  In fact, we also did Kristen and Travis’ bridals at Wheeler Farm because they loved it so much!  I can’t wait to share those, but that’ll have to wait until after their wedding!  I absolutely love working with these two and even though Travis HATES pictures, I don’t think it was too painful for him 😉  At least I tried to make it fun!  haha!!

Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Elora and Jesse Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

There is one thing I HATE about weddings and no it is not the bridezilla’s or the demanding schedule, it’s not working with amazing people like Elora and Jesse regularly anymore 🙁  I absolutely thought the world of these two and their love they had for each other was just awesome! They were the nicest people you’ll ever meet and I enjoyed every second with them!  I was lucky enough that they chose me to be their wedding photographer and hopefully (fingers crossed) they’ll call me again to do their maternity, newborns, family pictures etc.. in the future!!  In fact, I am DEMANDING that they do!

We shot their engagement session at Wheeler Farm!  I am sure I have mentioned this before but I love Wheeler Farm!  It a great place to shoot at anytime of year and there are so many different options and places to shoot that every session looks different!  And every time of year looks different too!

I am now booking for 2017 weddings and portrait sessions so contact me today to book yours!

Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Rachel and Taylor Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I met Rachel a couple years ago and was THRILLED when she asked me to be her wedding photographer!  I mean, look at these two…..they are adorable! This cute couple met through a mutual friend.  They were both going to school at BYU but are originally from the San Diego area.  Right now, Taylor is at BYU Idaho while Rachel is living in Utah so they are having to deal with a long distance relationship as well as long distance wedding planning!  That would be so hard!  I can’t wait for their gorgeous wedding in MAY!!!  We shot their engagements at Wheeler Farm…you can never go wrong with Wheeler Farm! I LOVE shooting there!  No matter the time of year, it looks great and different.  And if you don’t want any of the rustic elements, you can just head to the back and get an outdoorsy/nature feel.  The day of their engagements it was super windy!  The weather is always so uncertain at this time of year and being an on-location photographer, it makes it kind of hard!  But we went for it anyways and I am glad we did 🙂


Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Whitney and JJ Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

Whitney and JJ had an amazing styled engagement session.  Whitney did all of the styling and she did amazing!  You will see a lot of photographers setting up their own styled sessions but I really don’t do that. The reasons being, I want your session to be unique.  If I had a set of props I brought to every session, they would all start looking the same andI don’t want that. However, if you have props you want to bring, I highly encourage it!  I loved shooting this engagement session at Wheeler Farm.  The old house was perfect for the props that Whitney brought and everything else about this session was perfect!











































Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Ashlyn and Keenan’s engagements- Wheeler Farm

Awwww…. I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved working with these two!  Ashlyn and Keenan are so fun and natural together.  They made my job super easy!!  Ashlyn loves Disneyland like me so I feel like we are kindred spirits 🙂  haha!!  I can’t wait for their wedding at the end of July in Manti!