Kristen and Travis Engagements #2 | Utah Wedding Photographers

We did a reshoot of these two because it was raining at their first session.  This time they chose Wheeler Farm and it is honestly one of my favorite places to shoot!  It is easy to get to, always open and the landscape there looks great year round.  In fact, we also did Kristen and Travis’ bridals at Wheeler Farm because they loved it so much!  I can’t wait to share those, but that’ll have to wait until after their wedding!  I absolutely love working with these two and even though Travis HATES pictures, I don’t think it was too painful for him 😉  At least I tried to make it fun!  haha!!

Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Taylor and Kory Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I absolutely loved working with Taylor and Kory!  Kory is the brother of one of my favorite past brides Kaitlin!  We shot Taylor and Kory’s engagement session up at the beautiful Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Engagement sessions are one of my favorites because it gives me a chance to get to know the bride and groom and see how they are in front of the camera and with each other.  Turns out me and Taylor have a  lot in common!  For one, she loves fall just as much as I do and she had a gorgeous fall wedding (coming to the blog soon!).  Thanks for everything Taylor and Kory!  It was so much fun getting yelled at by old ladies with you 😉 

Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Morgan and Sage Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I cannot believe Morgan is getting married!  I lived in the same neighborhood as her when she was in elementary school!  How crazy fast time flies!  I am so happy for her and Sage and even more happy they chose me to be their wedding photographer!  These two are so cute together and I can tell they are completely in love!!  Read below for their super cute love story in Morgan’s words!!

  1. We met on a blind date. My cousin set us up in February last year. It took us a few months to get together and plan a date but it was worth the wait. . (Sage wasn’t to excited about a blind date but he went anyways;)
  2. For our first date we doubled with my Cousin Jodi and her husband Garret. We went to dinner at Olive Garden, and then afterwards we went bowling. We spent a long time at Olive Garden because our waitress was as little new, but we got free desert out of it so it was okay with us.;) After bowling we went back to my cousins home, they had to leave and go pick up there little boy, but me and Sage stayed in there driveway and talked for a little while. He was esay to talk to, that’s what I liked about him the most.
  3. We love breakfast food so we went to breakfast at my favorite place Granny Annie’s, it was so yummy. I kind of knew that Sage was going to propose that day, keep in mind, so I was super excited. After breakfast we went up the canyon to a trail in Huntsville that we like to take walks on sometimes. It was so cold and wet that day so the trail was covered in snow but he was determined that we were going to make it up the hill. So we started up the trail and got about half way up and he wanted to turn back. I was so confused because I thought this was where he was going to propose at the end but he said we could turn around. On our way down the trail he put an umbrella in front of my face so I couldn’t what was in front of me and then once we were at the end of the trail he lifted up the umbrella and our parents were there with a big banner that said will you marry me with flowers and both of our parents waiting at the end. It was such a great day.
  4. After our first date I didn’t hear from sage for about a month. Other then me messaging him and thanking him for taking me on a date. But a couple weeks after our date he text me and asked how I was, and from then on we talked everyday. We were so comfortable around each other from the very beginning. That’s what I love the most is we can be ourselves with each other. I am so excited to be married to him and start our life together. We are so excited to start this journey and learn even more about each other. WE CAN’T WAIT.
  5. We like going for drives up the canyon, During the summer we really liked projecting movies in my backyard. and we love card games too. Both of us really enjoy being with our families so we spend a lot of with them. And we love to go scouting up the canyon too.
  6. Sage is going to school right now to become a welding engineer at Weber State.
    I’m going into dental hygiene and eventually want to become a hygienist.
  7. Sage works at Speirs Pluming, He is an apprentice.
    And I work at the Treehouse in Ogden, at the Guests Services manager.
  8. What I love most about her is hard to define most because I love everything about her, but the some things that come to mind are how much she loves her family and how much she cares for them and put not only her family first but just about everyone she knows she puts their needs first and tends to their needs. I’m so grateful that she is always happy all the time. Also I love that she works and is not a lazy person. She always makes me laugh and definitely shows her love to me and I like that she treats me like a king. She is strong in the Gospel and has a strong testimony. I really do love everything she does!! I’m so lucky to have her in my life.
  9. I love Sages personality, he is so out going in everything he does. I love how determined he is with anything he does. Sage is great with people, when we meet anyone I feel like people are just drawn to him and want to be around him. He is so goofy and fun. HIs Personality is HUGE and so funny. I love how he puts his family first and he is a great leader in the gospel I’ve always felt so connected to him from the very beginning. I love how passionate he is.

Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Kristen and Travis Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

Kristen and Travis are getting married in May and I couldn’t be happier to be their wedding photographer!  I shot her sister Michelle’s wedding several years ago and absolutely adore their cute family!  How lucky am I to get to photograph not one but TWO gorgeous sisters!  Yeah, the luckiest I know 🙂  On the day we had scheduled to do Kristen and Travis’ engagements of course it was raining!  But not until they had driven all the way down from Logan to Snowbasin.  I told her let’s just get a shot for your invite and we can get together and do another session when the weather is better.  Well I’d say we got a few more than just a shot for the invite 🙂  But we are still going to do another session, because I mean come on, why would I pass up that opportunity?!?!

Here is a little bit about this cute couple!

-How and when did you meet? We met at Utah State living in the same apartment complex in 2015.

-Where was your first date? Our first date was at his apartment and we made gingerbread houses.

-How did he/she propose? He took me up to the mountains and gave me a letter about everything he loved about me and our future together then asked me to marry him!

-Tell me about your love story? It was actually a miracle that we ended up together because we are so different! He is a small town boy from Lyman, Wyoming and I’m a city girl from American Fork. He asked me out right before I moved to Provo from Logan to student teach. We dated long distance for that whole semester and he convinced me to move back up to Logan to teach while he finished his MBA. I was head over heels so obviously I moved back! I’m so glad I did because now we are madly in love and love spending all of our free time together!

-What are your favorite things to do together? We love playing racquetball, playing games, being in the mountains, visiting family, trying out each others hobbies like going to plays for me and fishing and four wheeling for him!

-Do either of you attend school?  Travis is finishing up his MBA at Utah State in May and I graduated last year from Utah State in Elementary Education.

-What kind of job do you both have? I teach second grade in Logan and Travis is just going to school right now.

GROOM: What do you love most about her? Her positive attitude and good looks.

BRIDE: What do you love most about him?  I love that he is such a hard worker and always knows how to make me laugh and feel loved. He is also the kindest person in the world and always willing to help anyone!

Utah Wedding Photographer- Amanda Abel Photography

New Website! New Logo! New Brand!

My new website is finally live and I am SO in LOVE!!  I feel like this new website and branding is SO me!  I have such a strong love for gold, pink and girly and wanted to change it up and go with something that really spoke to me.  BONUS: There is a place right on the site to book your wedding!  How convenient is that?!?!  Let me know what you think!  I would love some feedback on my new site!

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Lindsey and Tyson’s Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

Lindsey and Tyson were a blast to work with!  I always love shooting in Downtown Salt Lake!  There are so many options of places to shoot around downtown SLC and I love them all!








































Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Ashley and Scott Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I had the privilege of doing two engagement sessions for Ashley and Scott.  We did this first one at Antelope Island and the second one after Ashley got her braces off.  I can’t decide which one I like best!











































Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Whitney and JJ Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

Whitney and JJ had an amazing styled engagement session.  Whitney did all of the styling and she did amazing!  You will see a lot of photographers setting up their own styled sessions but I really don’t do that. The reasons being, I want your session to be unique.  If I had a set of props I brought to every session, they would all start looking the same andI don’t want that. However, if you have props you want to bring, I highly encourage it!  I loved shooting this engagement session at Wheeler Farm.  The old house was perfect for the props that Whitney brought and everything else about this session was perfect!











































Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Amy and David Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

Amy and David wanted their engagement session at Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake.  I hadn’t shot there in a while and forgot how much I love it!  These two were so much fun and so perfect together!  I loved working with them!  At the end of the session, they had an old vintage car for a few pictures and it was amazing! It is David’s sisters car.  His whole family collects old cars.  How cool is that?  I love it when my couples bring something special or fun props to their session.  It makes it so much more personal!


































Utah Engagement Photography by Utah Wedding Photographer Amanda Abel Photography

Abbey and Tom’s Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love these two!  Me and Abbey hit it off right away and I could see us being great friends in the future!!  We had so much fun at their engagements and even more fun at her recent bridal session (which I unfortunately can’t post until after her wedding in October) but I will tell you they turned out FABULOUS!!
































Lexi and Spenser Engagements | Utah Wedding Photographers

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this couple!  Not only are they ridiculously good looking, they are both so sweet and down to earth!  And they trusted me to shoot at some new locations I had been eyeing so that is always a major plus!  I am so excited for their wedding on Friday!!