Sara and Matt’s Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographers

Us Utah Wedding Photographers  dream about couples like this!  Sara and Matt had everything going for them!  I mean look at that dress!  It is from Bridal Brilliance Rentals and if you are looking for a dress but don’t want to buy, I highly recommend them!  I have never seen a dress of theirs I didn’t love.  And that bouquet from Hillside Floral is just stunning!    We shot their bridal session at the Utah State Capitol.  Doing a Utah State Captiol bridal session is a great idea if you are looking for an indoor location.  They don’t charge a fee to shoot there and you can go anytime, however I highly recommend calling beforehand to make sure there isn’t a big event going on which can make it really hard to shoot in the good spots 🙂  Sara had their videographer, Brad with Forevermore Films,  there too which made for some awesome shots and a great time!  Sara and Matt, thank you so much for choosing me as your Utah wedding photographer!


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Wedding Photography by Utah Wedding Photographers Amanda Abel

Kristen and McKay’s Wedding

THIS WEDDING was AMAZING!!  I felt like I completely clicked with Kristen and McKay from the second I met them!  They were the sweetest people and I loved being around them and being able to be a part of the most important day of their lives!  This was my first wedding at the Provo CityRead more

Kristen and McKay’s Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographers

THIS COUPLE!!!!  I can’t say enough good things about them!  They are my favorite and I loved working with them so much!  I feel like from the first second we met, we totally clicked!  And by the time the wedding was over we were besties!  I hope you two are having a blast in ColoradoRead more

McCall’s Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographers

McCall looked absolutely stunning!  Her dress, veil and flowers were perfection! She chose to do her bridals at Snowbasin and that was the cherry on top!  It rained a little bit during the day so we hoped for good weather that night and we got it!  McCall is just the sweetest person and so downRead more

Lucile and Mike’s Bridals | Utah Wedding Photographers

I loved working with these two!  Their wedding was last week so I can finally post this session!  YAY! Like most of my sessions this year we were on pins and needles about the weather.  But luckily for us, it cleared up right before their session so we were able to shoot at this fantasticRead more