Austin Senior | Utah Senior Photographers

It is senior season for sure!!  I have been doing so many senior sessions lately and loving it! The best thing about high school senior photography is that they actually like getting their pictures done! They bring lots of props and outfits and they’re so much fun!  If you need senior pictures, call me!  I would love work with you!

Utah Senior Photography by Utah Portrait Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

McArthur Family | Utah Family Photographers

I loved shooting this cute family session at Mueller Park in Bountiful as part of my fall family mini sessions that I do every year!  Their kids were so cute and so well behaved and so easy!  I had so much fun with them and can’t wait until next time 🙂 

Utah Family Photography by Utah Family Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Ross Family | Utah Family Photographers

These are my darling neighbors!  I am so lucky to not only live by them, but also have the opportunity to do their family pictures many times! This time they wanted the downtown look for their location and Downtown Kaysville is one of my favorite places to go! The buildings are so unique and it’s close to home 🙂  They made my job so easy!  I mean they are a pretty dang good looking family so my job was pretty much just to show up!  haha!!  Thanks Ross Family for having me do your family photography again!


Utah Family Photography by Utah Portrait Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Osborne Family | Utah Family Photographers

One of my favorite brides came to me for a fall family mini session!  I have been privileged enough to do engagements, bridals, wedding, an after wedding couples session and several other family sessions with them!  I am always so happy to see Krystal and Jonny and watch their cute family grow!  Their son is just a heartbreaker and always gives in to my bribery 😉 I had so much fun and can’t wait to see what’s in store for them!

Baby “M” Newborn | Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I shot this little cuties newborn pictures recently.  I was lucky enough to be able to also shoot his parent’s wedding back in 2015!  When I got to their house to do the lifestyle newborn session, this little guy was wide awake and was having nothing to do with sleep!  haha! Some days are like that!  But he was so good I really didn’t have any problems at all with him despite his being awake the whole time!  He was just a doll!  I really love it when past brides call me to do their lifestyle newborn sessions!  It is so fun to see their family continue on and to be there to document it for them!


Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Utah Newborn Photographer Amanda Abel

Hanson Family | Utah Portrait Photographers

What a fun family this was!  We met at Snowbasin for their session on a Saturday morning.  They wanted winter family pictures and it was perfect up there!  Even at the first of March!  We combined their family pictures with some senior pictures of their oldest son Koby.  And they ended the session with a family snowball fight!


Utah Portrait Photography by Portrait Photographers Amanda Abel Photography

Baby “L” Newborn | Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This is my sweet nephew and newest member of our family!  He is the perfect little baby and perfect addition to our family! He has 4 older siblings and they just adore him.  I am lucky enough to do pictures for these beautiful people regularly. My sister in law is an absolute rockstar to have 5 kids under 8 years old!  I admire her so much for her ability to keep up with these kids and to be an amazing momma too!  It takes a special person to be capable of having lots of kids.  I am not one of those types of people.  haha!  But I admire the heck out of those that are!    I just adore every single one of these beautiful babies she brings into my life.  They all have so much personality and spunk!  I am the luckiest auntie ever!!

If you want to learn more about lifestyle newborn sessions and the way that I do them, click here and then contact me to set up your session!



Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Utah Photographer Amanda Abel Photography

What To Expect at a Lifestyle Newborn Session | Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I wanted to write a blog post about what to expect at your lifestyle newborn session and some tips and tricks to make the session go smoothly!  I have been doing a lot of these lately and they are just the best!  I love to come into your home and photograph you and your children in your natural element and it helps tell the story of your family better than any other session in my opinion.  I hope to create images for you that you can look back on and cherish forever.  Kids really do grow up so fast and you do not want to forget these precious moments of their lives!

1- What is lifestyle newborn photography? A lifestyle newborn photography session is done in your home and focuses on your life and the love you have for each other.  Lifestyle newborn photography is a more personal way to take newborn pictures and capture their first few weeks of life.  I take a very natural and relaxed approach to your newborn session and I don’t worry about the amount of time it takes.  Sometimes we can whip out a session in an hour and sometimes it takes a lot longer.  Babies are unpredictable and we will work around their schedule to get images you will love and cherish forever.


2- Schedule your session within 2 weeks of birth… I like to do these sessions up to 2 weeks after your baby is born.  They are still nice and sleepy, they haven’t developed baby acne yet and a lot of times, dad hasn’t gone back to work yet so we can get some pictures with him too!  If there are circumstances that don’t allow you to schedule the session this early in your babies life, that is okay!  I have done older babies too and they work out just fine 🙂

3-What to wear… Neutral colors are great for parents and siblings such as grey, white, black, beige and pastels. Bright colors can cause color casts on the baby’s skin that can be hard to edit out so be careful not to wear anything too bright.  Avoid greens and reds.  I even come to the session wearing something neutral for this very reason.  It is best to find simple outfits that compliment each other.  Wear something you are comfortable in and that makes you feel good! Layers and textured clothing is great and don’t forget to compliment your outfit with a few simple accessories.   Avoid shirts with logos, character or slogans and pants or skirts generally look better than shorts or capris.  If an older sibling has a “Big Brother/Sister” shirt they want to wear for a few shots that is just fine, but have another outfit for them as well.  If you need help with clothing ideas, I am happy to help!!

And for baby, I don’t recommend having too many outfits because changing them up often is a sure way to wake baby up and make her grumpy for the session. I recommend one outfit to start and then some naked/diapered pictures at the end.  A onesie is a great place to start or if you have a particular outfit you want them in, have them in that when I get there.    


4- Props… I don’t bring any props to the session because I feel like that would depersonalize the session and that is the opposite of what we’re going for.  I love and in fact encourage you to have any bows, hats, wraps or blankets  that you want to use, ready to go when I get there.  Bows (for girls) and hats are a great way to mix up the outfit without waking up baby too much!  Also, there are lots of fun wraps we can use to cover or wrap baby in that changes the look of the image without having to change complete outfits.


5- Where we will shoot… My favorite places to shoot around your house are in baby’s nursery of course!  I also love shooting on mom and dad’s bed, living room and if you have a big window in your house, I will use that as well as any other places I see that I think will work good. When I get to your house, I will look around and let you know if there is anywhere I think will look good or if you have anywhere specific in your home you want me to shoot, just point me in the right direction!   I might see something when I get there that you don’t and if that’s the case, we may need to move some furniture and things around to get to some great spots in your home.  But don’t worry, I will put it all back the way you had it before I leave 😉   

If you have any activities you would like to do during your session, I am more than happy to oblige!  Want pictures of you bathing baby?  YES!  Want some pictures of your older kids reading to baby?  YES! YES! YES! The sky is the limit!  It makes for a much more personalized and special session that way 🙂



6-How to prepare for the session… Before I arrive, make sure the baby’s diaper is changed and in the outfit you want to begin pictures in.  Also make sure baby has just been fed really well right before I arrive or right after I arrive while I am setting up and that any siblings have been as well.  Fed kids are happy kids!  Also your house doesn’t have to be spotless by any means so please don’t worry about that, but it is nice if any of the rooms you want pictures are decluttered and cleaned up a bit.  Make sure your bedroom nightstands are clear and the baby’s nursery is clean.  Other than that, I know you just had a baby and cleaning is not your top priority so no judgement here!  

I know it’s hard but try to relax and enjoy your day before the session.   We don’t want any stress to you, baby, other children or husband before the session so it can be as successful as possible. Babies (and kids and husbands) can sense your anxiety so relax as much as possible in order to have a successful session. If you aren’t all ready when I get there, no biggie!  Life happens!  I am a very patient person and am okay waiting, setting up and capturing other candid moments as I wait.  I don’t schedule any sessions back to back with your newborn session so there’s no stress on my side.  I usually schedule the session late morning or early afternoon depending on nap times so running out of light isn’t an issue either.  So relax!  

Also, try to keep baby awake  and stimulated that morning as much as possible.  We want them to be nice and sleepy for the session!

7- Posing…  I will do a little posing but I also love to get the candid moments between your family. That is what lifestyle photography is all about!  Most of the time I will put you in a pose, then just let whatever happens, happen.  Some people need a little more directing than others and that’s okay.  I will be there to help you the whole time.   When it comes time for pictures of baby alone, it is best if you stand back and let me handle them.  Too many hands can wake baby up easily and I know how to calm them down and back to sleep if I need to.  Unless they need fed, then that is all up to you 🙂   In fact, if you want to go take a break while I am working with your baby, that is fine by me!  It may be your only chance for a while 😉 


8- Temperature… Crank up that heat before I get there!  And in the summer, turn off the AC.  Babies like it nice and toasty, especially for the naked pictures.  I bring a space heater with me to heat up the rooms before we go into them because a warm baby is a happy, sleepy baby!  We will all be sweating buckets but baby will be nice and cozy!  


9- What if my baby is fussy/awake?  I don’t want you to stress out if baby cries.  It is inevitable and happens all the time. We will just take a break and let you feed or rock baby until she is happy.  I will take as long as I need to get the shots you and I both want.  Try not to get stressed out or overwhelmed if baby cries or is fussy.  I have been around lots of babies and it is just what they do!   

Sometimes baby isn’t unhappy but simply does not want to sleep and that is okay! As long as baby is happy, I am okay with him being awake!  We can still get lots of great pictures with their eyes open 🙂

10- Siblings… Yes!  Please include the baby’s siblings in the session!  They are an important part of baby’s life and we want them there!  We can do pictures with them first or last depending on their schedule and when they are the happiest.  After we are done with them, dad can take them and play with them while I do the rest of the session with baby and mom.  

11-Pets…. Another YES!  I love photographing babies with their fur siblings!  As long as you feel comfortable with your pet being in close quarters to your baby, we can get some amazing pictures with them and they are important too!  A few years ago I was photographing one of my favorite clients lifestyle newborn session and they wanted their dog in the pictures.  Heartbreakingly about a week later the dog was hit by a car and killed.  They were so glad they have those pictures of their baby and their fur baby together!   


12- Nursing pictures… If you want nursing pictures, I am more than happy to do them and would never share them without permission.  However, they aren’t everyones cup of tea so if you want them, let me know and if not that’s okay too!  It is your session and I want you to be happy with all of it!  

13- After your session…  My turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.  I will email you your gallery and slideshow as well as a download link to your pictures!  I would love it if you share any pictures on social media you would include photo credit to me. That is the single best way for me to get new business and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!  I will also blog and share some of your pictures on Facebook with your permission of course 🙂

Ready to book your session?  Contact me or 801.710.9646.  I would LOVE to work with you!!



Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Utah Newborn Photographer Amanda Abel

Baby “C” Newborn | Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have been loving all of the newborn pictures I have been doing lately!  Babies are being born left and right!  As a Utah Photographer, there is nothing better than documenting a couples engagements, wedding all the way down to the birth story and newborn session and family pictures forever and ever!  That is what happened with Sindra and Brian.  I shot their wedding clear back in 2009 and have documented all of the important things in their lives since then!  It is the absolute best to watch a family grow and document all of the special once in a lifetime moments!  I was fortunate enough to even watch this baby being born!  My job is the best! I can honestly say that Sindra and Brian have become friends and I look forward to being there for every big moment in their lives!  Sindra and Brian, thank you so much for trusting me and I am so excited to see what life has in store for you!


Lifestyle newborn sessions are my favorite!  Instead of you coming to a studio, I come into your home and photograph you and your family around your house and in the baby’s nursery.  It makes it so much more personal, PLUS you don’t have to worry about taking your newborn and other kids out of the house.  I am able to document your family and your home and your newly decorated nursery!   As a Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer, I don’t worry about the time that it takes to get the images we need.  Babies are unpredictable and  have their own ideas and we just go with their schedule.  I try to make it as relaxed as possible and never rushed.  If you are interested in setting up a lifestyle newborn session or have any questions, contact me and I would love to talk!!


Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Utah Newborn Photographer Amanda Abel

Baby “R” Newborn | Utah Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I have shot more lifestyle newborn sessions in the last month than I did the entire year before that and I am not complaining one bit!  This little sweetie was just a doll!  I shot her mom and dad’s wedding in 2012 and they are some of my favorite people ever!  It is my absolute favorite thing to work with the same people over and over!  In fact, all of the newborn sessions I have been doing lately are from past clients!  I love new clients as well so don’t let that stop you from calling me if you are interested in a lifestyle newborn photography session 😉

I could’ve snuggle with this little lady all day long.  She was so calm and sweet and so easy to get to sleep!  I bring some secret weapons along with me to help the babies sleep and most of the time I am successful!  Once in a while they won’t give in but not this little one.  I moved her all over the place and she didn’t make a peep.  If you are expecting a baby or have just had one and want a session like this, I would LOVE to chat with you!!  These are precious moments you are definitely going to want captured!

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography by Utah Newborn Photographer Amanda Abel