Vendor Feature | Brown Floral

I am so excited to feature Brown Floral on my blog today!  I had the opportunity to work with them on Katie and Ulrich’s wedding and they did such a beautiful job on all of the flowers!  I would highly recommend hiring a professional florist for your wedding and Brown Floral will take great care of you and do an amazing job!

Susie at Brown Floral was kind enough to answer some questions for me so you can learn more about their business and see if they’re the right fit for your wedding day!

-Business Name:  Brown Floral –

-Location: 2261 East Murray Holladay Rd, Holladay UT 84117

-Do you have a brick and mortar store or do you work from home?  Brick and Mortar Store – It’ s beautiful.  New location in Sept 2015
-Social Media: ,
-Email:, or Flowers@brownfloral.net1- Tell me a little bit about yourself…At Brown Floral we have an amazing design team who have an array of hobbies and unique personalities.  We all love to create and design for others.  It’s our passion and art!

2- How long have you been in the wedding industry? For over 100 years

3-What is the process like for couples who want to book you for their wedding?  We treat them to the whole floral experience and invite them for a complimentary consult in our amazing store.  We like our brides to be very hands on.

4-What do you love most about weddings?  We love to create something that bring a bride joy and wonder.  We love to see the bride’s eyes as she sees her first glimpse of her bouquet.  It’s an magical experience.

5- What makes your business unique?  Our business is unique in that we have been in business for over 100 years.  We have a rich following in the community and strive for excellence.  We can provide a unique hands on floral experience where brides are able to hand select their flowers.

6- Why should a bride hire a professional florist instead of DIY?  They should hire a professional florist because we know exactly what we are doing.  We have tried and true methods, know how to take care of flowers correctly, have proven techniques and we use quality flowers grown by professionals.  We also provide artistry with years of experience and have spent time developing our talents.

7- What is your best advice for a new bride planning her wedding?  We live in a marvelous time of technology.  A bride is able to really find ideas that they want with just a flick of their finger.  Search for what color, theme or style you want and have the confidence to stick with it.  Make your wedding yours.  Love it because you chose it!

If that’s not enough to convince you to hire Brown Floral for your wedding, take it from me, they’re amazing!! Just take a look at their work.  So beautiful!  And I know they’ll take amazing care of you and make your wedding day exactly how you want!

feather extensions!!

if you haven’t heard about feather extensions, you soon will!  they are becoming super popular!  i got some put in my hair last week!  if you want some of your own give my friend janika with the vintage comb a call.  she does an awesome job and they are very reasonably priced and super cute!  she has every color you could imagine so you could even get  some to match your wedding day colors!  what a cute idea!!  janika also does hair for weddings and she TRAVELS!!!  so all you brides out there who are looking for a hair dresser she is awesome!!!


there are 3 in this side  dsc_05062

and one in this side.dsc_05112

don’t mind my hair do.  i was in the process of putting it in a ponytail but i wanted to get a few shots with it down too.  look how cute the feathers are!!  they give you a little bit of color without being too out there and overpowering.  and you know me… i LOVE pink!!!dsc_0513


and this is what they look like in a pony tail. (i have too many moles!)dsc_05391

and in case you were wondering, it is SUPER hard to take pictures of the side of your own head!  who would’ve thought???  haha!!dsc_05401

aren’t they cute!!!!!  so check out the vintage comb!  you will be so happy you did!!

i’m back!!

Hi everyone!  i am officially back from las vegas with a brain full of awesome ideas on how to make amanda abel photography even better!  every year my husband and i go to las vegas for a photographers conference, wppi (wedding and portrait photographers international).  it is 4 days full of awesome classes and a HUGE trade show!  i seriously learned so many things that i am planning on implementing into my business and i am SO excited!   it is so refreshing to go every year and i feel more this time than in years past that my batteries have been fully recharged and i am ready to make this year the best ever!!!  i can hardly wait! 

also, i wanted to spotlight a vendor  here on my blog.  if you have not ever heard of kale fitch films, you must go check out his website!   he is a fabulous videographer that i will be referring to ALL of my brides!  seriously!  and another great thing is that all of the images on his website were taken by yours truly!  that’s right!  so hop on over to his website and check it out!!  i am ecstatic to be working with such a fabulous videographer!